Introducing our new Great Wave MacNut flavored cigars, available in three great flavors: Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Kona Coffee Macadamia Nut, and Vanilla Macadamia Nut. Each cigar comes in an air-tight glass tube to guarantee freshness.

chocolate mac-nut flavored cigars kona coffee mac-nut flavored cigars vanilla mac-nut flavored cigars
       Chocolate MacNut
            Royal Hawaiian Cigars
  Kona Coffee MacNut
          Royal Hawaiian Cigars
  Vanilla MacNut
     Royal Hawaiian Cigars

The Great Wave Cigar is a medium body hand-rolled Robusto with a slightly sweet and gentle, flavorful taste.
We use Premium Royal Hawaiian Jember tobacco with mixed long and short leaf fillers and an all
natural Claro wrapper to create the best cigar. This cigar measures 5 1/4 inches with a 50 Ring Gauge (just under 3/4" diameter)

"I have tried cigars from all over Central and South America including Cuban cigars
and I think Royal Hawaiian cigars are among the best in the western Hemisphere."
- Mark Morsching, Maplewood, MN

cigars from MauiSure to please the most discriminating taste, the Great Wave Cigar is made from vintage tobacco grown and aged using centuries old methods of cultivating tobacco. Packaged and shipped to you direct from Maui, these cigars come in an exotic blend of three subtle, enticing flavors, featuring the nutty essence of Hawaiian macadamia nut mixed with a light sweet hint of tropical flavor.

Hawaiian cigarsEvery Great Wave Cigar is identified by its own cigar band, cellophane wrapped for freshness and put in a classic glass tube with a real cork top. With a smooth draw and even burn it is perfectly constructed to give 45 minutes of smoking pleasure and ideal to enjoy with coffee, tea, single malt Scotch or cognac or to finish off a sweet dessert.

nut flavored cigarsYou will find the Great Wave to be a perfect balance of flavored essences that will give you an excellent smoking experience and delight your senses, filling the room with a tropical aroma. Great gifts for smokers, these are some of the best flavored cigars available anywhere.

Once you try our Great Wave MacNut Cigar you may never go back to an ordinary cigar again!

We ship with pride and pleasure to our men overseas at APO addresses

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And don't forget our original Royal Hawaiian Corona Cigars - Vanilla-Coconut, Kona Coffee, Aloha Rum or Vanilla-Mac Nut

vanilla coconut flavored cigars kona coffee flavored cigars rum flavored cigars macnut vanilla flavored cigars
vanilla coconut flavor cigars
Kona Coffee
kona coffee flavor cigars
Aloha Rum
rum flavor cigars
Vanilla-Mac Nut
rum flavor cigars

cigars from HawaiiFrom the early 1900's until 1953, the Big Island of Hawaii produced some of the finest wrapper leaf tobacco in the world. Conceived in Upcountry Maui in 1993, Royal Hawaiian brings you back to that bygone era of cigar smoking popularized by Queen Lili'uokaloani of the Hawaiian royal family during her reign as Hawaii's last monarch, over 110 years ago.

Royal Hawaiian Cigars Royal Hawaiian Premium Jember tobacco is grown on volcanic slopes. Our cigars are made from mixed long and short leaf fillers, each leaf being tenderly cared for until reaching the perfect moment for harvest. They are then hand picked and air dried in order to extract the ultimate slight sweet flavor and aroma.

Hawaiian flavored cigarsPackaged on Maui, each Royal Hawaiian cigar is cellophane wrapped, sealed in a tube and then placed in an attractive 3-pack gift tray. The original Royal Hawaiian corona-style cigars are hand-rolled from the finest Premium Jember tobacco with an all-natural Claro wrapper. They are 6 1/4 inch, 42 Ring Gauge (just over 1/2" diameter) coronas that give approximately 45 minutes of smoking pleasure.

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