We've put together a few of the essentials that will make smoking a great cigar an even more enjoyable experience. A clean cut or punch and a reliable cigar lighter will enhance your smoking pleasure.

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Crater Hole Punch
Royal Hawaiian Cigar punch
Kula Cutter
Royal Hawaiian Cigar cutter
Pukalani Cutter
stainless steel cigar cutter
Kona Wind Lighter
cigarette lighters
Makai Wind Lighter
cigar lighters

Great gifts for smokers, all our products are manufactured by Visol and have a 1 year warranty by the manufacturer.

Crater Hole Cigar Punch $13 cigar punch
Some people like to cut their cigars, some like that clean open hole made by a cigar punch cutter. This gun metal grey puch gives a clean and precise hole It has a twist top ejection mechanism so that the cutting channel stays clear for a clean hole and atttaches easily to your key ring.

Kula Stainless Steel Double Blade Cutter $9 double blade cigar cutter
One of the best affordably-priced cigar cutters available, the Kula is a stainless steel double blade guillotine cutter with rubber finger grips to cut straight every time. It has a polished steel finish and will cut up to a 54 ring gauge cigar.

Pukalani Stainless Steel Double Blade Cutter $15 guillotine cigar cutter
With a more upscale look than our Kula Cutter, this double blade surgical stainless steel guillotine cutter has a 2 tone metal finish with polished brass screws on both sides, to give a very rich look. Large finger grabs make for a comfortable fit, and it will cut up to a 56 ring gauge cigar perfect every time.

Kona Wind Lighter $20 cigarette lighter
This round cylincrical lighter works even in a strong Kona wind! This blue flame torch lighter is extremely reliable with an adustable flame and its round shape makes for a very unique look. It has a black baked on finish, with texture grip, three inches tall and about three-quarters of an inch in diameter, weighing in at two ounces.

Makai Wind Lighter $20 lighter for cigars
Sleek in look and reliable every time even on windy days out at sea! Black metal with a chrome flip top and textured sides. It uses a double action ignition system, and measures three-and-one-quarter inches tall, one inch wide and weighs about two-and-a-half ounces.